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Give Props to Speakers!

Have you ever listened to a great presentation, and wanted to show gratitude towards the speaker? If so - Let’s Appreciate!

What is it all about?Props in a nutshellProps are internal points in the Appreciation App. Every attendee receives the same amount of Props to distribute among speakers.

AppreciationApp is a free solution that enables event attendees to recognise speakers by sending them Props. They reflect speakers’ performance during the event, such as a conference. The more Props collected, the more the audience admired a particular speaker.

Additionally, Props distribution creates a publicly available ranking that helps to build speakers’ brand. Hence, speakers are encouraged to prepare highest-quality speeches and engage themselves into discussion with the public.
How it worksStart your Props journey!

Download the app

Joining the best event community has never been that easy. Download Appreciation App, sign up, fill out your profile, and you’re ready to go! Enjoy one application for all your events!

Get the event agenda

Keep up with what’s happening at the event and be notified about all the changes. Choose the most interesting sessions, find your favourite speakers or get to know the new talented ones!

Let’s Appreciate!

Send Props to speakers, thereby showing, how valuable and inspiring their presentations were. Help us to make the event community more involved, positive and just grateful!

Check event’s summary

Look into the summary of Props you sent at the end of the conference. After each event ranking gets richer and richer, enabling you to find the most inspiring and knowledgeable speakers!

Appreciation App benefitsWhat’s the value I get as


Deliver high-quality speeches, get the gratitude for your involvement and become a top Props scorer! Being listed on the platform will help to build your speaker brand and recognition!

Event Organisers

Search for and invite the best speakers using the Props ranking. The quality speakers will make attendees feel they get the most value out of participating in your event.


Use our Props ranking to participate in events with outstanding speakers. Always choose the finest speeches during the conference, and get the most from being an attendee.